Boosting Virtual Reality Learning within Higher Business Management Education


Is Higher Education in Europe ready to embrace the potential of VR technology? 

VRinSight aims to usher in VR technology across the institutes of higher education by achieving the following objectives.....

  • Identifying the challenges faced by the SMEs of Europe and the current deficiencies of the Higher Education in relation to VR technology
  • Spearheading a VR training programme for Educators and SMEs in the application of VR technology in Business Management 
  • Increasing awareness of VR technology across Higher Education and Business in Europe and develop methods of integrating VR learning into Higher Education Curriculum 

Recent developments in VR technology have already begun to reshape the world of business and industry of tomorrow. For European SMEs to remain on the competitive edge, the next generation of business graduates will need to be educated on the capabilities of VR technology. 

VRinSight is a european partnership of academia and industry aiming to usher in VR technology across the institutes of higher education. VRinSight is  co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme. The project running from October 2018 until September 2020 includes partners from Germany, Austria, Spain, Finland, Belgium and Cyprus delivering real value to Higher Education and the SMEs of Europe. 


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