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VRinSight Team present at the XR Week 2021

On Thursday 20 May 2021 several partners of the VRinSight project attended the XR week conference 2021. The partners delivered a number of key note speeches to promote the most recent cooperation project VAM realities, but the partners also drew upon the experience and research results of the VRinSight project in their speeches.  Outlining how industry can benefit from the VRinSIght results and the developed deliverables. Due to the Corona pandemic, the conference was for the second year running hosted entirely online and was attended by Industry representatives, and XR technology providers and universities. Check out the Highlights from the speechs online



VRinSight Key Note World Immersive Forum 2020

On Wednesday, 16 December 2020 the VRinSight project coordinators presented a key note speech at the 2020 World Immersive Forum, outlining lesson learnt from the 2 year Erasmus+ project, the key objectives and deliverables and how education can benefit from virtual reality. The conference was for the first time, hosted entirely on a virtual reality platform, wth audience engagement and networking opportunities enabled through the use of personal avatars for each attendee. Attendees at the conference ranged from Business representatives, technology enthusiasts, Immersive reality providers and university academia from around the globe.



Discover VRinSight Lecture Theater

Discover the VRinsight Lecture Theater, a purpose built platform available for hosting events, gathering and lectures in virtual reality. The platform also showcase the learning content of the VRinSight Training Programme and all other results of the VRinSight program.

Access to the VR lecture Theater is available in Oculus Quest headsets or by using PC via weblink.

Check out the VRinSight Lecture Theater




VRinSight Training Programme Download

Enhance business management education by using VR technology in your lectures and seminars. The VRinSight Training programme is designed with you and your students in mind, and will open a whole new reality to you on how education can be experienced.

Download the entire VRinSight Training programme content today and experience the VRinSight Classroom applicationThe entire VRinSight Training Programme is also available to view in the interactive  VRinSight Lecture Theater accessible with VR headset (Oculus Quest) or via Desktop PC.

Your journey into VR begins today!



Discover VR with the VR Classroom Experience


The VRinSight Classroom development is complete and is available for download. As part of VRinSight Training Programme the project has developed a customised VR application for participants to learn interactively the material taught in the VRinSight training programme.

The VR classoom is available as download and with the accompanying guideline. We recommend using the  Oculus Quest.  If you wish to take a sneak preview check out our walk-through video.












Pan-European Conference:              VR in Business & VR in Education!

Many thanks to all our key note speakers, panelists and exhibitors for joining us at numerous location from across Europe and contribuing to our pan-european VR conference. 


Of course, also many thanks to you the guests and attendees who joined us on the day to enjoy insightful discussion and a glimpse into the future of education and business management. There were over 150 guests both online and face to face during the event and we wish to thank each one of you for your contribution.


All presentations form the event are available on the event webpage as well as links to the numerous exhibitiors that presented their technologies at the event.



29 Sept. 2020        Pan-European Conference:              VR in Business & VR in Education!

The VRinSight project partners will play host to the pan-european conference on the 29 September 2020. This online event begins at 13:00 CET and will run simultaneously in 5 partner countries and include key note speakers as well as exhibitors from across europe.

Join us online to find out how VR is reshaping education and the role it will play in the post-corona economy.


For participants in Germany, a Hybrid (Live & Online) conference event will take place on the FHM Campus in Berlin, where you can experience VR technology first hand. The hybrid event in Berlin begins at 11:30 before linking up with the rest of the online conference events at 13:00


To receive a weblink and full event agenda, please share your details in our online registration form.

Please register here





VRinSight Green Paper: Boosting Virtual Reality in Learning

The VRinSight Green Paper has just been published and features a general presentation of the VRinSight project, flashlights on the current state of VR used in different educational settings, keynote articles from experts across Europe on VR and education, and recommendations to policymakers how to improve the situation, and 24 best practice examples of EU projects in VR presented by their coordinators (Erasmus+, Interreg, Horizon 2020, etc.). The VRinSight Green Paper is available through the downloads page



VRinSight Training across stop: Germany!

The VRinSight Training programme is now being piloted across the european countries of the project partners.

Join us in Rostock, 10th Sept. 2020

Click to register 


How can Virtual Reality help you?


Are you a lecturer or educator at a higher education institute looking to enhance  your lectures and seminars?


Are you an SME manager looking for novel ways to curb the impact of the Corona pandemic on your business operations?


Join us in Rostock 10.Sept 2020 or contact the VRinSight project team today to organise your participation in the VR training programme 



Join us in the VRinSight Training programme 2020

Are you a lecturer or educator at a higher education institute? 


Enhance business management education by using VR technology in your lectures and seminars. The VRinSight Training programme is designed with you and your students in mind, and will open a whole new reality to you on how education can be experienced. Check out the details of VRinSight Curriculum and the accompanying VRinSight Training progamme giving you the insight you need.


Contact the VRinSight project team today to organise your participation in the VR training programme 



VRinSight at XR-Conference EDU 2020

On the 16th April 2020, the preliminary results and insights from the project were presented at the Finnish XR-conference EDU 2020. The VRinSight was represented by project partners from University of Tampere, and led a discussion on how VR is a powerful tool for learning and remote collaboration as well as presenting the VRinSight Training Curriculum and VRinSight Showcase. The virtual conference was hosted in AltspaceVR and attracted  hundreds of participants 


VRinSight take VR to the lecture theaters

On the 27th January, the partners of VRinSight Erasmus+ Project joined university staff and students of the Masters course Emerging Technology Adoption  at the University of Tampere. Particpants were given a introduction to the VRinsight activities  by the project coordinator, and an overview of VR technology by project partners WAKEONE Oy. This was followed by an interactive session where particpants could try out the latest in VR technology hardware and software.  


VRinSight to engage with Finnish students

On the 27th January, the partners of VRinSight Erasmus+ Project will engage with students and academia at the University of Tampere on the topics VR in education and its potential. The students will also have the chance to experience the VRinSight classroom developed by WAKEONE Oy and learn about other outputs from the VRinSight project and how these can improve education and learning 


VRinSight Training Programme in Action!

From the 25th to the 30th of January 2020 the first test sessions of the VRinSight Training Programme will commence. The event will be hosted by our kind partners at the University of Tampere, Finland and will consist of participants representing business and  education from around europe. The purpose built  VRinSight classroom will also be piloted by our finnish partners WAKEONE OY 


VRinSight links with Business

On the 21th of November 2019, FHM Berlin, the german  partners of VRinSight Erasmus+ Project gathered with representatives from business and industry at the Bikini Berlin location for an informal Business Breakfast event. Details of the VRinSIght project activities were presented and guests at the event took particular interest in the value the project outputs can bring to business education and industry. Possible future coperations in research projects were discussed between the event host and guests. Full details availabe at the FHM website 


VRinSight team meeting in another reality

On the 15th of November 2019, the partners of VRinSight project gathered together in Virtual Reality to discuss project progress and the further development of project deliverables such as the VRinSight virtual classroom.


VRinSight team visit VR company LUDUS in Bilbao

As part of the VRinSight third project meeting in Bilbao, the team took the opportunity to visit local VR company LUDUS. The company presents simulation system through virtual reality for the training of professionals in industry and emergency.


VRinSight partners meet in Bilbao to finalise VR-training programme

The third scheduled project meeting took place in Bilbao, at the FMEV facilities. The team reviewed the VRinSight Curriculum modules delivered by the partners and finalised the structure for the VRinSight Training Programme set to be tested in January of next year


VRinSight project partners meet in the virtual world

The partners of the VRinSight project took a step out of reality and into the virtual world by hosting a project meeting in VR. The team tested VR applications and discussed the delivery of the upcoming VRinSight Curriculum modules.


VRinSight project partner visit Rolls Royce Virtual Lab

Lead partner FHM was in attendance as Rolls Royce Deutschland opened the doors of its Virtual lab in Dahlewitz this week. The event was kindly organised by VDC Fellbach 


VRinSight Survey Report available for download

Cumulative Report from VRinSight Survey of higher level educators and SMEs across europe detailing the demands and VR-training needs of industry and of education. Available for download here.


VRinSight project Flyer & Posters available for download



VRinSight Pop-up Lab in Berlin

VRinSight lead partner FHM hosted a VR pop-lab on the Berlin campus recently. The event showcased the latest VR applications, and also gave visitors a chance to get comfortable with VR Headsets


VRinSight Pop-up Lab in Berlin

Join us on the FHM Campus Berlin to check out the latest in VR technology and exciting ongoing projects


2nd VRinSight Project Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus 11/04 -12/04/2019

The second VRinSight project meeting took place in Nicosia recently. The partners were hosted by the University of Nicosia and met to finalise the VRinSight Survey and continue work on the upcoming VR Curriculum


VRinSight Project team in action.

Click the video to see the VRinSight team in action and to find out what the project will deliver until 2020


VRinSight Kick-Off  Meeting in Gent.

The VRinSight project began with the Kick-off meeting in Gent last week. The project partners setout the objectives and activites to be achieved until Sept 2020. Many thanks to our hosts the KULeuven for making us feel so wecome.