VRinSight VR Classroom App

As part VRinSight Training Programme the project has also developed a customised VR application for participants to learn interactively the material taught in the VRinSight training programme. Participants can become comfortable with using the VR equipment and become familiar with VR application best practice examples, as well as attempt the challenges and quizzes in the VR classroom


The VRinSight Classroom development is complete and is available for download below. Please first check out the sideloading instructions document also available as PDF. We recommend the use of the Oculus Quest HMD for an optimal experience in the VRinSight Classroom.


To view a video ovrview of the VR classroom experience, please click below. 


Instructions for download:

The VRinsight VR classroom is a linear VR learning experience illustrating the use of VR as an educational tool. The VR classroom also serves to illustrate virtually and practically the theoritical learning content of the VRinSight Training programme and Curriculum. 



The VRinSight VR classroom is compatible with the Oculus Quest headset


In order to download the VRinSight VR classroom you wil be required to sideload the application on to your VR headset.


We have created a full step by step guideline document for you to download on how sideloading can be achieved on the Oculus Quest.



VRinSight_Sideloading Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 306.1 KB

Once you are familiar with the sideloading guideline document please following the link below to access and download the VR classroom APK to launch the VR classroom application in Oculus Quest