VRinSight is a european partnership from industry and education, which was co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme from Oct 2018 until Sept 2020. The projct has developed a series of tools and VR applications  for use in the integration of VR into Higher education in business management  and for use in SMEs:


VRinSight Survey of Educators and SMEs across Europe


VRinSight Curriculum of learning modules  for business management & Higher Education


VRinSight Training on how VR technology can be integrated into Higher Education

Green Paper

VRinSight Green Paper provides recommendations  to stakeholders involved in developing policy related to VR education.

VRinSight VR Classroom application

The VRinsight VR classroom is a purpose built VR learning experience illustrating the theoretical learning content of the VRinSight Curriculum and the use of VR as an educational tool. Click the image for full details and access

VRinSight VR Lecture Theater application

The VRinsight VR Lecture Thater is a purpose built VR multi-user platform for use in higher education learning and teaching that can accommodate up to 25 users and faciliate interactive lectures, workshops and seminars in a virtual environment.  

Click the image for full details and access.