Project Results

The project results of the VRinSight project include.....

1: VRinSight Survey of Educators and SMEs across the regions to get an accurate overview of the current situation relating to VR training in Europe and understand the needs of industry and the needs of education.


2: VRinSight Curriculum of learning modules illustrating the relevance of VR education for business management, with concise examples of VR technology and its integration into education. As well as comprehensive theory dealing with pedagogic considerations regarding VR teaching and learning


3: VRinSight Training Programme on how VR technology can be integrated into teaching practice, based on the VR curriculum. This will include a unique VR Classroom where participants can become comfortable with using the VR equipment and become familiar with Open source examples.


4: VRinSight Green Paper provides an overview of current VR technologies and structures as well as an overview of the current state of VR in the context of education. This includes a selection of best practice examples from similar projects and highlights current EU legislation and provide in-depth recommendations for current and potential stakeholders involved in developing policy related to VR education.